Housing Resources for Missouri

Landlords and Tenants

Declaration for Eviction Pauses

There are various rules that may pause evictions in your area. The CDC has a form to help you find out if you qualify and, in many places, you need to complete a declaration for the eviction pause to apply to you.

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Applying for Rent and Utility Assistance

Missouri tenants and landlords can apply for financial assistance. There is a statewide rental and utility assistance program in Missouri called SAFHR that can provide up to 12 months of assistance. Apply now!

There is a similar program in St. Louis County that can pay up to 15 months of assistance. If you live in St. Louis County, you can apply here (but just choose one of these programs).

Landlords and tenants can apply for rental assistance, but both are needed to complete the application.

Get Help on Your Mortgage

Help for homeowners is on the way for Missouri. Check back for updates to the state program.

Consumer Protection Requirements for Landlords

The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau requires landlords to provide written notice to tenants about moratoriums when pursuing an eviction.

Free Mediations in St. Louis County

If you live in St. Louis County, the St. Louis Mediation Project provides free help to tenants and landlords trying to reach an agreement and can also assist you with finding rental and utility assistance.

You may qualify for a pause on your mortgage payments. Contact your lender.